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The Lucketts came from England

Thomas Luckett (1720-1797)
Shawnee Chief Tecumseh was born 1768
married: Mary Griffin
father: Samuel Luckett, Jr. (1685-1724)
mother: Ann Smoot (1689-1750)

Samuel Luckett, Jr. (about 1685-1724)
married: Ann Smoot
born: about 1685 in Kent, England
died: about 1724 in Maryland
father: Samuel Luckett, Sr. (1650-1705)
mother: Elizabeth Hussey (1667-1747)

William Luckett (1711-1783) son of Samuel Luckett, Jr.
William Luckett, son of Samuel and Anne Luckett, was born about the year 1711, probably at Port Tobacco, Charles County, Maryland. About 1725, then an orphan, he was placed under the care of James Middleton, by court orders to learn a profitable trade. Although Middleton was censured in 1728 for neglecting to teach William Luckett to read and write, William nevertheless became very proficient in letters, as is ascertained by many documents written and signed by him that are preserved in the Court House of Frederick County.
William's father-in-law deeded him 195 acres in Prince George County, 1740. William & his wife Charity had ten children. They settled in the new county of Frederick on the western slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. William became a force in the community and one of the most outstanding subject of the Lord Proprietor. Before his death he had attained high military and civil honors and was the first of the Lucketts to gain any significant colonial importance.
William was a vestryman at All Saints' Parish, the mother church of Frederick County and was closely identified with its growth. He commanded a company of militia from Frederick County in the French and Indian War (one account showing his company in continuous and active service for 30 or more days). His eldest sons served in their father's company as well. In addition to William's military campaigns, he was one of the magistrates of Frederick County and was known as one of the "Twelve Immortal Justices" who repudiated the Stamp Act of November 23, 1765. He was most active in the Patriot cause leading up to the American Revolution. In 1775, William held the rank of Lieutenant colonel and fought in the Battle of Germantown. William Luckett died in 1783.
The Lucketts of Portobacco by Harry Wright Newman (a genealogical history of Samuel Luckett, Gentry of Port Tobacco, Charles County, Maryland) can be found on catolog

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