Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Luckett ancestors

The Lucketts
Belle Lee Luckett (Southard)
born: February 11, 1877
Volna Blackman Southard, October 4, 1904
children: Mary Catherine Southard (1905-1909), Ruby Nell Southard (Darr) (1911-1979), and John Blackburn Southard (1916-1984)
John B. Southard Jr (1947-2008) & Elizabeth "Betty" Ann Southard (Stokes) (1950-)
career: Before marrying Volna, Belle taught in a "subscription school". This was a one room school where parents paid for a certain period of time so their child could attend. Children didn't necessarily attend for a full school year.
father: John M. Luckett, Jr. (1828-1887)
mother: Sarah Catherine Wickliffe (1841-1911)
siblings: Hiram H. Luckett (1866-1935), Rankin R. Luckett (1867-1916), John M. Luckett, III (1870-1904), Nellie Jane Luckett (1873-1921), and Tildon Luckett (1875-1917).
died: March 9, 1958

Belle's father:
John M. Luckett, Jr
married: June 17, 1808 to Sarah Catherine Wickliffe
father: John M. Luckett, Sr. (1777-1864, Muhlenberg Co, KY)
Shawnee Chief Tecumsah died 1813 at the Battle of Thames
mother: Elizabeth Beavin (1785-1850)

Belle's grandfather:
John Henry Luckett, Sr.
married: Elizabeth Beavin (from Virginia)
father: Thomas Luckett (1720-1797, Maryland)
mother: Mary Griffin (1741-1803)

note: 'Hour of Peril' by Daniel Statshower, numerous pages on:
James H. Luckett (of Baltimore, Maryland)
pre Civil War plot: to assassinate newly elected President Abraham Lincoln on his route to Washington D.C. (investigated by Detective Pinkerton) 

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